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Annual Rib Eating Contest 2020
Fri May 01, 2020 5:00am

What Our Customers Are Saying

Dianne S.

My friends and I recently went to Luli’s for lunch. They had a great selection of specials as well as a varied menu. The food was really good and their soup was excellent. I recommend you try it out.

Jim H.

Service was very good. Polite waitress. The food was very good. This was our first time here and my brother in law recommended it. We will definitely be back. The potato soup was good but wanted the chicken and dumpling but that is only on Thursday - so we will come back on a Thursday. Keep up the the work, will be back.

Shelly R.

l just had an order of their tacos. I love cilantro so I was very happy with my choice. ( They come with cilantro and onion.) Yummmm... my daughter had the Nacho Mama burger and fries. It was also very good.

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Test Restaurant LLC

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123 main street Davenport 52804

Main 309.592.0723

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